Pizzare Mauer Park is an exciting new fast casual pizzeria offering  a tailor made in front of you pizza, baked with a mouthwatering  perfection in only 160 seconds in a retro designed ambiance. It is the  first European fast casual pizzeria bringing high-end quality fast food to the market. All with a unique customer experience to have an artisanal style pizza craft and perfectly baked in front of them, in only about 3 minutes.
Our concept base is to offer a traditional style pizza (using the same quality ingredients and methodology to achieve the same taste in the end of the process) in fast food manner. The final result for the costumer is to have a pizzeria-restaurant style experience in less time and money.
We are using the latest dough mixing for the production of the dough; the most advanced automatic dough rounder for preparing the dough ball; an innovative dough presser; and finally, we will cook the pizza in our innovative state of art technological advanced ventless oven. 
In operative terms we will not need any kind of ventilation or full kitchen as we will serve pizzas, salads, fresh pressed juices, desserts (outsourced directly from Italy) and coffees/frappes. We  serve a small selection of home baked croissant and pastries for breakfast.
Our aim is to use mostly bio and “slow food” products and where  possible kilometer zero fruits & vegetable. We aim, as well, to have good selection of food for vegetarians, gluten free and vegans costumers. At PIZZARE MAUER PARK our assembly-style line will have all the costumers’ favorite ingredients, giving over 2 million combinations in a single pizza.
Our restaurant designers is based in Italy and we used predominantly Italian quality building materials to create a retro elegant and contemporary style. We have enhance the classical characteristic of the original building using similar stuccos and decorations. We have a state of art led illuminating system through our restaurant in order to minimize our energy consumption.
Pizzare Mauer Park became in 15 month exclusivity partnership with Deliveroo  number one seller of Pizza Margherita in all over Berlin and number one for Vegan Pizzas as well. Thanks to Pizzare’s business model any pizzas ordered online it is cooked ONLY when Deliveroo’s riders get in our shop. This allow costumers to receive a fresher pizza than the competition, in a shorter time.
We intend to be an environmentally friendly corporation. We will try to use only recyclable materials where possible and we will outsource most of our grocery from local suppliers. We will have a recycling waste management system in place in order to minimize our foot print.
We are opened from 11 30am to 11.00pm week days and from 11.30-12 00 pm weekends) seven days a week.

Our Products 

At Pizzare all the dishes are made with fresh product directly bought from local Italian producers.


Check where our ingredients are coming from. 


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